Precise core shell nanoparticle generation 

NanoShell - Core Shell Coater

Core Shell Nanoparticle Generation Source


The NanoShell source enables the coating of nanoparticles created in our NanoStream sources with a second material, to create a core shall nanoparticle structure. 

The NanoShell sits in between the NanoStream source and the deposition chamber, it uses retarding fields to increase the residence time of the particles in the coating chamber and thereby creating a core shell particle.


Core Shell Variants

Core Shell Nanoparticle Generation Source


Due to the unique design of the NanoShell instrument, the user can control multiple parameters during shell creation. 

There are two coating cathodes included with the NanoShell source, enabling the creation of either alloy or multi layer shells and the shell material can be changed using any standard sputtering targets.

Full custom electronics and software control are included with the NanoShell, allowing for charting/logging/control of multiple parameters during the deposition run and also enabling fully automated shell production.


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