CUSTOM UHV Depostion systems

Custom Ultra High Vacuum PVD systems

Full UHV Nanoparticle Systems

Custom Systems

Theris not only offer UHV deposition components, but can also offer the full system configuration. Ensuring that your equipment is tailored precisely to your needs.  

We supply a range of custom designed chambers for varying research needs;

  • A simple system (200mm diameter) intended for customers with limited space or budget
  • A medium system  (300mm diameter) intended for mostly nanoparticle deposition with the option to add one or two addition standard sources,
    such as conventional sputtering sources
  • A 400mm diameter system with multiple ports for more complex
    deposition process. For this system we also offer a 25-sample deposition
    stage for use with the 5-head source so that you can deposit multiple
    samples in one run with different compositions to speed up the material
    exploration process. 

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