Nanoparticle Applications

Nanoparticle Applications

The unique method of nanoparticle generation, which allows pure films of size-selected nanoparticles to be deposited, lends itself to a wide array of applications which cannot be accomplished using chemically-grown or self-assembled nanoparticles. The additional feature of using acceleration to tailor the density of the films, adds another layer of control over the films and further broadens the range of applications.

Some selected application areas include:

Reflection of picturesque clouds on  photovoltaic modules

High-efficiency photovoltaic Films

EV car battery pack. Electric car lithium battery pack. Blue toned. Car maintenance.

Battery storage

Side view of MQ2 gas sensor module isolated on reflective glass black background

Gas and liquid sensors

Image 4

Catalyst research

Wire based uncovered stent implant

Medical devices

Bright blue background, crystal clear drops (raindrops). Abstract pattern, wallpaper, concept art. Glitter, paint texture. Graphic resources, design, 3D, macrophotography, environment, water treatment

Nano-porous films for selective gas or liquid permeation

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