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NanoStream Range

Nanoparticle Generation Sources


The NanoStream source range of sources uses a modified DC sputtering source to generate a vapour from a metal target (such as a copper disk). Through careful management of the pressure, plasma temperature and flow rate of the gas mixture to the exit of the source, the vapour condenses into nanoparticles, much like droplet formation in clouds. Upon exiting the source, the growth of the nanoparticles is abruptly terminated resulting in a beam of particles with a very well-defined size-distribution of +/- 20% FWHM which can be further refined using an in-line mass filter specifically designed for very high masses.

Our range of nanoparticle generation sources now include single, triple and five headed options. Meaning that your research can be as flexible as possible, even allowing for the creation of high-entropy nanoparticles.


TAS - RF Atom Source

RF Atom Source Range

RF atom sources are used in epitaxial growth applications where oxide and nitride films of the highest quality are fundamental to the success of the
process and have been employed with great success in many semiconductor film-growth applications.


The Theris RF atom sources are designed for use in the most demanding applications. Please see our dedicated page here or contact us for further information.

UHV Deposition Systems

Fully Customised UHV Systems

Theris not only offer UHV deposition components, but can also offer the full system configuration. Ensuring that your equipment is tailored precisely to your needs. Contact us for further information and so see how we can accelerate your research! 

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