TAS - RF Atom Sources

Ion-free Oxide and Nitride deposition

TAS30 & TAS60

UHV RF Atom Source


The Theris RF atom sources are designed for use in the most demanding applications. The coaxial RF coil is optimized for power transfer to the
plasma zone, with full coupling along the entire length of the coil, ensuring even dissociation and maximum atomic flux. The support components are constructed in such a manner as to avoid RF coupling from the coil, hence further minimizing power losses. These components are also far removed from the coil, thus avoiding the possibility of accidental contact with the RF coil
as is more common in other designs.

The discharge zone is manufactured from high quality materials ensuring minimal contamination of the beam. The user can define the optimum gas flow by selecting from a range of different end-plates. These plates can be further customized to give maximum uniformity for a given sample size, distance and angle to the source. The source also incorporates a zero-ion current configuration as standard, using deflection plates to push any residual ions out of the beam.


RF Atom Source 

  • Oxide MBE
  • Nitride MBE
  • Nitride PLD
  • Atomic Hydrogen Cleaning
  • III-V dilute Nitride MBE Growth
  • III-V oxygen doping
  • II-VI nitrogen doping

Neutral, atomic species have been shown to be highly beneficial in the growth of high-quality compound materials. Molecular gases such as oxygen or nitrogen are many orders of magnitude less reactive than if dissociated into atomic form. Consequently, oxide formation using molecular oxygen commonly
requires highly elevated temperatures and/or extended oxidation periods, while molecular nitrogen shows negligible reactivity for most materials. Using
dissociated species increases the reactivity by many orders of magnitude. However, ionic species generated in plasma processes tend to be energetic,
and will create point defects on impact with the growing film, rendering many films useless for their intended purpose. Atomic species, on the other hand,
carry negligible kinetic energy and therefore allow rapid film growth without generating defects.

RF atom sources are used in epitaxial growth applications where oxide and nitride films of the highest quality are fundamental to the success of the
process and have been employed with great success in many semiconductor film-growth applications.

Technical Features

Product Features

  • 100% UHV construction
  • High cracking efficiency
  • Zero ion current
  • Custom aperture designs avaialble
  • Automatic matching as standard
  • Water cooled coil, top plate, and gas inlet
  • Software control


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